Chrissy Costanza Bio
Chrissy Costanza is a talented singer and some people call her Krispy, Stina, Tiny.  She was born on August 23, 1995 . She is lead singer of the band Against the current.  The band Against the current is a young pop/rock  band based in Poughkeepsie, New York that composed of the talented young and beautiful Christina mostly understood as Chrissy Costanza – Lead Vocals, Dan Gow – Vocals and Guitar, Jeremy Rompala – Guitar, Joe Simmons – Bass and Will Ferri – Drums. The band’s latest album is called Gravity. Chrissy’s favorite colors are red and blue. She measures approximately 5 feet and another inch. Her favorite animal is the lion but because the Lions cannot be pets, she has two other pets at home: a rabbit-eared English, called Fluffy and a goldendoodle dog named Sammy. Chrissy loves to play zombies in Black Ops II. She even offers a youtube beauty channel about beautify care and make-up tips.

This website is a dedicated website for Christina/Chrissy Costanza and her musical organization, we now have music videos from their website with lyrics and as well as photos of her and the band. Many thanks for having a visit on this website and I hope that this website is informative to you, enjoy and now have fun!.  Please click the contact link for contract information concerning to her.

Chrissy Costanza Bio

Name: Christina Costanza
Goes By: Chrissy
Nicknames: Krispy, Stina, Tiny
Age: Chrissy Costanza age this year is 22.
Band: Against the Current
Favorite color: red (but I also like purple and blue and pink!)
Relationship status: lol.
Orientation: Straight
Birthday: August 23
Height: 5 foot 1 inch
Band: Against the current